Zac Culler

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Culler's series of mandala-like paintings give new meaning to the Eastern Mandala symbol. Traditionally, the circular symbol is used to represent the infinite universe in Hindu and Buddhist thought. Calendars, maps, and star charts are all examples of ways to make sense of reality. Drawing from stream of conscience, Culler creates his own surreal diagrams of the universe. The Washington State Invasive Species series is a subset of this larger body of work.  In it, Culler focuses on non-native species that pose a threat to Washington’s environment.

Culler is known nationally and in the Northwest for his site-specific installation work as a member of the collaborative trio SuttonBeresCuller. He came to Seattle from Pittsburgh in 1996 to study art at Cornish, where he received in BFA in painting and sculpture.

Courtesy of Linda Hodges Gallery.


Zac Culler

Seattle, WA

See Zac's work in the Bellevue Arts Museum.