Vis-à-Vis Society (Sierra Nelson & Rachel Kessler)


On an 8’ x 8’ wall 1,000 Tyvek racebibs will hang with words printed on them. Participants are instructed to select a racebib and attach it to their person with the safety pins provided. Next to this wall, a television will play a looped video. There will be two facilitators for the duration of the performance, guiding participants through this process.

The Vis-à-Vis Society was founded in a year that felt like 1957 by Drs. Ink and Owning, also known as Sierra K. Nelson and Rachel LaRue Kessler, who began collaborating in 1998 as co-founders of literary performance art group The Typing Explosion, with Sarah Paul Ocampo. Using a core practice of interactive performances gathering data from live audiences, the Vis-à-Vis Society has performed and created installations across the nation, including at the Seattle Art Museum, Frye Art Museum, Henry Art Gallery, Bumbershoot Festival, and many more. Dedicated to the poetic analysis of the everyday, the Vis-à-Vis Society tenderly takes the poetic pulse of every audience it meets.


Vis-à-Vis Society (Sierra Nelson, 
Rachel Kessler)

Seattle, WA

See their work in CompassPlaza (09/15) and Downtown Park (09/22).