Tariqa Waters


Through image and color, Waters tells the story of a matriarch that exists in the margins, free of any privileged agenda, where satire exterminates appropriation. Originating from an inherent need to protect and identify family and self in a world where no protection is offered, and no sense of identity is available–her strength, character, and wisdom exist independent of judgment or a perceptible state of “normal” where everything from style to sexuality remains liquid and can be expressed equally as sacred or superficial. Waters work values expression and narrative over convention and rigid discipline, with humor, satire, and spectacle used to convey the personal and sincere.

Tariqa Waters manages a multi-faceted practice as a visual artist, gallerist, curator, and educator. Born in Richmond, Virginia in 1980, Waters moved to Seattle in 2012 and opened a gallery/art space called Martyr Sauce and has since established herself as an integral part of the city’s arts community and the Pioneer Square neighborhood.


Tariqa Waters

Seattle, WA


See Tariqa's work at the Bellevue Arts Museum.