The Department of Bearing & Orientation is a fictional bureaucracy. The three workers highlight, point, and direct traffic in this mix of sculpture, performance, and functional municipal wayfinding.

SuttonBeresCuller is a Seattle based trio of artists (John Sutton, Ben Beres, and Zac Culler) who have worked collaboratively since 2000. Together they create ways to engage viewers through mobile sculptures, street actions, and temporary site-specific installations. The work expresses their wish to engage viewers in unconventional ways both within and outside the confines of traditional gallery spaces. They are dedicated to a form of “public art” that is generous in nature, participatory for the willing, and refreshingly free of dogma for the uninitiated.

Courtesy of Greg Kucera Gallery.



Seattle, WA

See SBC's work at Bellevue's City Hall and around Downtown Bellevue.