Sean Barton


Sean Barton’s Stations of the Eraser offers a meditation on the passage of time, punning with the notion of erasure in both the material and metaphorical sense. Using the classic Pink Pearl eraser as an icon and tool of creation and destruction, Barton makes a chronological timeline showcasing its stages of use, a disappearing act that calls to mind the passages of natural life, cultures, peoples, and places over time.

Sean Barton operates a full-service hand painted sign service in Seattle. Both the vernacular and materials of his commercial practice inform his work as a fine artist. Implementing glass, gold leaf, paint, foam, canvas, and printed materials, he creates work through a process of bricolage that creates a fluid relationship between the commercial landscape of advertising, language, and visual culture.


Sean Barton

Seattle, WA

See Sean's work at the Bellevue Arts Museum.