Rastegarpouyani’s research, study, and artistic practices address the subject of cultural identity and heritage and their gradual dilution and destruction over time. Her current work focuses on the relationship between cultural identity and human rights, and how these issues affect and connect people both globally and locally.

Concerned with ephemerality and how exposure to change and destruction impact individuals and populations over time, she integrates materials such as glass powder, soil, and sand into her work, creating large-scale floor installations that often incorporate performative elements that lend to the alteration and deterioration of the piece through exposure and interaction.

Sara Rastegarpouyani earned a B.F.A in Graphic Design and an M.F.A. in Illustration from the most prestigious universities in her home country of Iran. She currently teaches 3D design and sculpture courses for the Department of Art and Art History at The University of Texas at Arlington where she is pursuing her second M.F.A in the field of Glass.


Sara Rastegarpouyani

Arlington, TX

See Sara's work at Downtown Park (09/14) and Compass Plaza (09/15).