Reilly Donovan


Mirror Symmetry is an interactive art installation that translates participants into vibrating strands of energy.  In theoretical physics, mirror symmetry is a situation where two completely different geometries exist as equivalent forms when applying the extra dimensions described by string theory.  The installation applies this concept by mirroring the diverse vibration properties of participants bodies onto the corresponding projection.

Reilly Donovan (American, born 1984 in Seattle, WA) is a new media artist and experience designer working with emerging technology to produce interactive installations, virtual reality artworks, augmented reality exhibits, and mixed reality experiences.  

His work explores how computer simulations, machine learning, and interactive environments challenge the boundaries of our senses.  It examines how machines are molding our future, changing our culture, and confronting our perceptions of reality.


Reilly Donovan

Seattle, WA

See Reilly's work in Compass Plaza (09/21 and 09/22).