Bellwether Events

Performances in the Plaza

Day 2 of Bellwether brings creative energy to downtown Bellevue. Bring your friends and family, and join us for music, performances and more. Rain or shine! Viking Dogs Food Truck and Homegrown will be open for the evening.
Music by Joel Cuplin

Performances by Calie Swedberg, Johnson/Ramirez, PDL, Sara Rastegarpouyani, SuttonBeresCuller and Vis-à-Vis Society

Artworks by Crystal Barbre, Jazz Brown, Kamari Bright, Lauren Max, Monyee Chau & Alex Britt, RYAN! Feddersen and Trimpin

Video art by Andy Arkley, Brandon Aleson, Britta Johnson, Chris Doyle, Reilly Donovan and Rodrigo Valenzuela

Blooms  by  Andy Arkley .

Blooms by Andy Arkley.

Time & Place

Saturday, September 15, 5-9pm
Compass Plaza
NE 6th Street and 106th Avenue NE