PDL seeks to engage the public with interactive, social art that celebrates spontaneous, magical face-to-face encounters with situations outside pedestrians' typical expectations with the intent to create smiles, laughs, and light-hearted commentary on social norms and societal conventions.

Finish Line will be an interactive celebration for the passersby on the circular pathway on the west side of the park. It will feature a manned gateway with a FINISH line flanked by a small grandstand for an ersatz audience to cheer them on, with pompons and simple non-electric cone bullhorns. An endless amount of yellow streamer that will stretch across the finish line, unwinding for each pedestrian that crosses the finish line, documented by a photographer who will capture their victorious moments. Photos will be uploaded to a Flickr page for viewing and download.

The Wunderboys’ 33rd Anniversary Tour will be a fictitious homage to "Bellgate," an artwork by Lee Kelley currently installed at Compass Plaza, playing off the resemblance of the sculpture's colorful spinning pieces to boxer-style underwear. PDL’s fabricated, alternative history of the piece is as follows: When Compass Plaza was founded in 1985, the sculpture was erected as an homage to "Wunderpants,"a trendy ‘80s-style line of underwear produced by a now-defunct Bellevue company, which was marketed using a New Kids on the Block-esque boy band called the Wunderboys. A placard at the site will explain this history, complete with a fabricated vintage photo (reportedly from 1985) of the band dressed in Wunderpants and t-shirts. For Bellwether, PDL's three members will pose as the band, 33 years after the Wunderboys heyday, dressed in custom Wunderpants to match the sculpture. A stack of glossy photos available for autographs while be on hand, and the apocryphal hit single "Hot Pants" will be intermittently performed.

PDL is a collaboration between Jason Puccinelli, Jed Dunkerley, and Greg Lundgren who, since 2006, have made interactive public art in the form of installations and performances primarily outside of the realm of traditional arts venues.



Seattle, WA

See PDL's work at Compass Plaza (09/15) and Downtown Park (09/22).