Margie Livingston

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In a hybrid form of Action Painting and performance, Margie Livingston will drag 10 paintings a total of 55 laps around the circular path at Bellevue’s Downtown Park, inscribing the canvases with the ground to create a new kind of landscape painting. Starting at noon on day one, she will drag the first painting around once. On day two, she’ll drag the second painting around twice, and so forth, until she ultimately drags the last painting a total of 10 laps (five miles) around the park.

Livingston is a painter working with diverse media to reflect on shame, creative destruction, humor, and chance. Her awards include a Fulbright Scholarship in 2001, the Arts Innovator Award in 2010, the Neddy Fellowship in Painting in 2010, and the Betty Bowen Annual Memorial Award in 2006. She has an upcoming show at Greg Kucera Gallery in November and is also represented by Luis De Jesus Los Angeles.


Margie Livingston

Seattle, WA

See Margie's work at the Bellevue Arts Museum and Downtown Park.