Mandy Greer

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Mandy Greer is a multidisciplinary artist working in a symbiotic way with fiber-based installation, photography/film, performance, social and environmental interactivity, and knowledge-sharing. She is inspired to challenge and blend the boundaries between these ways of making, particularly the boundaries between performer/artist and audience, and between process and final product. The work is grounded in traditions through a visceral passionate engagement with materials, ideas, and the hands rather than virtuoso technique—to stitching, tinkering, inventive jury-rigging, and the long tradition of using little means to create an expansive vision, turning the mundane into the transcendent.

A Great Unbridgeable Distance unfolds in nightly durational-performance meditations held for contemplation and learning through hand-work in garden spaces in Bellevue Downtown Park. These meditations are guided by a transdisciplinary cohort of guides brought together and costumed by artist Mandy Greer and Fallow Collective. Onlookers are invited to assemble around the rough-hewn elm tables and rest on the communally hand-woven indigo rugs to seek a collective sense of place and history, make peace with our darkness both personally and societally, and pay homage to remembrances of the sweetness of life and the hard work of turning to the light. Over the course of 10 evenings, a non-linear narrative of loss, regret, shame, resiliency, wonder, and resistance will be woven together for those who come to participate in any way they desire. Through simple but poetic shared meaningful experiences, all who gather will be guided towards bridging the distances between ourselves and our other companions on this earth.

Mandy Greer has shown nationally and internationally. She has been awarded the Arts Innovator Award from Artists Trust/The Dale and Leslie Chihuly Foundation, the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award, the Artist Trust Fellowship, GAP grant, City Artists Grant, 4Culture Individual Artists Grant, and the New Foundation Residency Award. Her work has been reviewed in New York Times, Huffington Post, Hyperallergic, Fiber Arts Magazine, Redefine Magazine, Seattle Magazine, Art Ltd, Art Week, TextilKunst, and the Washington Post.


Mandy Greer

Seattle, WA

See Mandy's work  in the Bellevue Arts Museum and daily at Downtown Park.