Johnson/Ramirez create an art experience that bridges people and interpersonal connections—the Grand Connection, if you will—to strangers in a personal way. When you passed notes to a friend in class, it was an act of trust and intimacy while sharing information that was fun or a secret. During the BAM Artsfair, Johnson/Ramirez set a station outside of Bellevue Arts Museum, that asked people to send a personal note to someone in Bellevue with this prompt: write a note to a stranger; keep it personal and positive; extraordinary and uplifting. Using the collected notes, Johnson/Ramirez will stuff them into balloons and hand them out to passersby, on Saturday, September 15th along the Grand Connection Corridor. Later, the recipient pops the balloon to read their note. The corridor will become not just a pass-through or means of travel, but a place where strangers are connected.

Elisheba Johnson and Kristen Ramirez are both studio/public artists and public art administrators at the City of Seattle. Collectively they believe that public art is a form of interdisciplinary, political, social, and cultural communication and that artists ought to be as essential to our lives as doctors, plumbers, and teachers.



Seattle, WA

See their work at Compass Plaza (09/15)