Iole Alessandrini & Ed Mannery


Underwater reinforces a current interest of ours to reveal with light America’s social changes. The NS-EW American grid has overlaid the land with a symbol that is synonymous with modernity and progress, contrasted by convention when seen against maps of ancient European cities. Like many cities originated by Native Americans along the water, the first Bellevue grew along the coastline of Meydenbauer Bay, at a 35 degree-angle.

Underwater uses 150 LED road-marker to create the illusion of streets intersecting each other under the water of the Park’s Circle. The project exploits the idea of the ‘archeological dig’ to orient people to Meydenbauer Bay’s coastline. Seen in contrast with the NS-EW urban development of the rest of the USA, Underwater positions us all in an archetypal time and space where once were the First Americans.

Iole Alessandrini is an artist and architect from Italy who has been living in Seattle since 1994. Her work is monumental in scale and uses light as a primary medium. She has been working with Ed Mannery, a Seattle native, and an optical engineer and astronomer. Together they have designed many laser installations, the most recent being Greener at SAM Olympic Sculpture Park. Both artists are interested in the phenomenon of light as a medium and art itself.


Iole Alessandrini & Ed Mannery

Seattle, WA

See their work in Downtown Park.