Dave Kennedy


Born in the Pacific Northwest to an Italian/African mother and a Native American father, Kennedy has spent a lifetime answering the unending inquiry “What are you?” This ultimately objectifying question has been imbedded into Kennedy’s practice and exploration of an expanded view into unseen subjectivities—what is real versus what is illusory “image”? His sculptural and installation work, rooted in a foundation of photography, creates a unique kind of augmented reality. Kennedy often shoots hundreds of images at a time of his surroundings—dilapidated street scenes, walls, fences, detritus, and other everyday objects—and returns to the studio where he recreates alternate versions of the scenery, printing, cutting, tiling, and stitching the “pixelated” scenes back together to form large-scale prints with jagged borders. Actual or reproduced objects from the original scenes are often affixed to the printed piece, further thwarting the viewer’s ability to gauge reality versus the artist’s manipulation.

Dave Kennedy’s works have been published globally in numerous magazines and exhibited both locally and internationally at such venues as the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, Photo Center Northwest, and the Seattle Art Museum's Gallery. He is represented by Bridge Productions in Seattle, WA.


Dave Kennedy

Seattle, WA


See Dave's work at the Bellevue Arts Museum.