Elisheba Johnson

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Elisheba Johnson is a conceptual artist heavily influenced by the Fluxus movement and the accessibility of art experiences and objects. She sees art “taking the role of philosophy in the 21st century” and providing “the frame for discussing and solving our complex and important civic problems”.

Johnson, who has a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts, was the owner of Faire Gallery Café, a multi-use art space that held art exhibitions, music shows, poetry readings and creative gatherings. Since 2013, Johnson has been at the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture where she is a public art project manager and works on capacity building initiatives.

In 2018, Johnson started a public art practice with her collaborator Kristen Ramirez. Elisheba is currently a member of the Americans for the Arts Emerging Leaders Network advisory council and has won four Americans for the Arts Public Art Year in Review Awards for her work. Elisheba is one of the co-founders of Wa Na Wari, a Black arts space in the heart of Seattle.


Elisheba Johnson

Seattle, WA