Cable Griffith


Unsettled is a painting composed from exposing historic photographs of the landscape from Lake Washington’s eastside directly onto canvas, over a fold-dyed grid. Acrylic paint is applied over the photographic underpainting, creating both an interference and unification of the quilt-like mosaic. This “tapestry painting” aims to represent a tension between nature and development, a friction between loss and gain, and an awareness of past, present, and future.

Cable Griffith is an artist, curator, and educator living and working in Seattle, WA. Griffith has exhibited at many national and international venues. Griffith received a BFA from Boston University and an MFA from the University of Washington.  He currently teaches at Cornish College of the Arts and is represented in Seattle by G. Gibson Gallery.


Cable Griffith

Seattle, WA

See Cable's work at the Bellevue Arts Museum.