Roquin-Jon Quichocho Siongco

Roquin Siongco.jpg

Born and raised in the village of Yigo, Guåhan, Roquin relocated to the Salish Sea in 2008. As a recent graduate from The Evergreen State College, they are still weaving their sails. But it won’t be long before they’re chasing the horizon at full mast.


Roquin-Jon Quichocho Siongco

See Roquin-Jon Quichocho Siongco’s work at Bellevue Arts Museum, curated by Ellen Ito.

Attend Roquin-Jon Quichocho Siongco’s workshop at Bellevue Arts Museum on September 20, 1-3pm. RSVP, 20 people MAX.

See Roquin-Jon Quichocho Siongco’s ceremony at Bellevue Arts Museum on September 20, 4-4:30pm.