Minhi Winkempleck


Winkempleck is a Seattle-based artist working primarily in glass and metal. Raised in a military family, Minhi was brought up by a Korean mother and an American father. She was born in Germany and raised in upstate New York, where she earned her BFA from Alfred University. Shortly after graduating in 2010, Winkempleck moved to Seattle, yearning to make a home surrounded by diversity and culture. At an early age she discovered the soothing nature of repetition in creation. Influenced by mass production and the hardships of poverty, she finds solace in creating in multiples, with reiteration and pattern.


Minhi Winkempleck


See Minhi Winkempleck’s work at Bellevue Arts Museum, curated by Ellen Ito.

Hear Minhi Winkempleck speak at Bellevue Arts Museum on September 18, 1-2:30pm as a part of Cultural Conversations.