Ari Glass


Ari Glass tells a story about his ideas of “The King” and “The Kingdom.” He deals with concepts of historical and fictional kings, queens, and deities that he feels a personal connection with. His work aims to vitalize the idea that everyone is a sovereign ruler in their own kingdom, empowering the artist and the viewer. The mural is a visual representation of an artist dream of creating the ideal company. The goal of the company is to Save The World through artwork with its tenets of Painting, Architecture, Music, Education, Technology, Health, and Light. These seven tenets will be represented as personifications on the walls’ surface that museumgoers can feel a special connection to when peering into their golden eyes and shining details designed to work with the light-filled space.

Ari Glass is a self-taught artist from South Seattle and wishes to share how art can have a positive effect on people in Seattle and the world right now. As a painter and visual artist, he tells "The Story" through his use of gold, the element used to represent royalty and divinity since time immemorial.


Ari Glass

Seattle, WA

See Ari's work at the Bellevue Arts Museum.