Anthony White


Anthony White’s work explores components of nostalgia, status and wealth, digital intimacy, and memories that coalesce to form identity—both his and others’. His sculptural paintings, themselves meticulously spun from common plastic, slyly disrupt the hierarchy of status and status symbols by placing images of banal or trivial accoutrements in luxurious environments (or sometimes vice versa). His process requires laborious acts of repetition with attention to detail and craftsmanship. These “found objects”, which once carried luxury items, many purchased in Bellevue, turn the consumer object into a readymade art object. Solidifying them in their found and final state make these objects a fossil of its contemporary age.

White is a Seattle-based artist from Prescott, AZ. He is currently using PLA plastics to create his sculptures and paintings. His work has been presented in galleries and with traveling shows across the U.S. and internationally. Courtesy of Greg Kucera Gallery.


Anthony White

Seattle, WA

See Anthony's work at the Bellevue Arts Museum.