Alyssa Putnam

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Alyssa Putnam uses figurative imagery—self-portraiture in particular—as a way to connect the worlds of the interior to that of the world at large, teetering on the ever-slippery boundary of intimate private space and a gaze-driven public space. Her representation of the private life (rendered in paint during endless evenings “chain smoking, calling her mom at midnight, checking her twitter, checking her horoscope, and depression naps”) resounds with tension, placing the human body at a cusp where abject animality combats the tender and erotic, and vulnerability is at once at odds with and enfolded into the gloss of a seemingly cool facade.

Alyssa Putnam was born in Seattle, where she currently resides. She received her BFA from Western Washington University in mixed media and creates paintings, drawings and video art.


Alyssa Putnam

Seattle, WA

See Alyssa's work at the Bellevue Arts Museum.