Alexis Hilliard


Alexis Hilliard created handmade photomontages, working with historical photographs of American Japanese being forced from their homes from west coast locations including Bellevue and the Greater Seattle Region. She combines highly detailed layers of imagery into thought-provoking compositions and visual interpretations, expanding on the complexities and current parallels of this unpleasant but all too familiar recent American history.

Hilliard is a collage artist originally from Portland, OR, currently based in New York. Made painstakingly by hand, her work is pieced together from thousands of cut-up photographs that reference both art historical and personal imagery. These coalesce to make complex, visually seductive compositions assembled from layer upon layer of partially shrouded fragments of information.


Alexis Hilliard

New York, NY

See Alexis' work at the Bellevue Arts Museum.